Auto Window Tint Brands Used 

There are about 4 basic qualities of window tint brand names on the market today.  The ones in question are listed in the order 'from worst to first.'

Worst: window films which don't last very long. They can fade, discolor, bubble or peel in as little as 6 months. These are typically offered by shops offering inexpensive deals, or those who many times use window tinting work as simply a "sideline" for extra profits. We at Pablo Blue have chosen to focus exclusively on the window tinting profession. Give us a call today at (281) 554-4063.

Next to worst: window film brands which typically fade, discolor, bubble or peel within a 3 year time period. These brands are similar to those above, but just are made a little bit better. Some better brands offer some cheaper lines, and some of these are in this category. We don't believe that any 3M film types belong in this category.

Next to best: window film brands which typically fade, discolor, bubble, peel or demetallize within 5 years. We consider these fairly good, mainly because 5 years is an acceptable amount of time for most consumers. From my past experiences, I believe that the 3M FX ST 3 year warranty tint will typically last longer than 3 years, and so belongs in this high film category. 3M FX HP lifetime belongs here as well, though longer lasting, as it has no properties which keep it from fading or discoloring. Secondly, metal films are no longer as popular these days, as cell phones, GPS systems, and other electronic devices are greatly interfered with. Last, metal films can be seen to have more of a shiny appearance than non-metal tints do- and shine is not as popular. In this group is also what I call window film brands that are "pretenders." They appear to be great films in advertisements, and claim to last a lifetime. But, they are simply the same as the aforementioned brands in this category. There aren't very many brands of auto window films which can compete with the likes of such as 3M, Madico, Llumar, Geoshield ceramic (with some exceptions of 3 year and lower quality lines), these elite few belong to the following category:

Best: window film brands which typically take over 5 years to fade, discolor, bubble or peel...or may NEVER go bad! This category includes such auto window films as 3M FX PM (Premium lifetime warranty with no metal), 3M CS (Color Stable with lifetime warranty and no metal) and 3M Crystalline (Ceramic with lifetime warranty and no metal). The 3 listed here are the only 3M brands we offer at Pablo Blue- which account for most of our automotive lines.

Some shops offer the 3M FX HP (High Performance metal) or the 3 year 3M FX ST film above (or some cheaper brand than 3M) at cheap prices. Typically they'll offer a higher film type once they get you into their shop. Our favorite adage applies here: 'you get what you pay for.' We no longer offer metal auto film types here at Pablo Blue Window Tinting, and don't offer anything other than films with a lifetime manufacturers warranty- and which don't discolor. For genuine 3M auto window tinting and factory warranty call us at (281) 554-4063.

One additional note: if a company claims to use 3M and uses a plain white box, that doesn't contain large 3M printed letters on it, then it probably isn't really 3M. Also, a genuine 3M box will have a factory printed label on one end. Next, 3M doesn't carry any bluish color automotive films. These are a different brand than 3M and will gradually turn purple. Last, this company will probably never give you the official 3M printed warranty with the official individual ID number printed on it.

Beware of the sleazy, fast talking, deal making shops! They're the type with morals such as those which use the above types sales tactics. My personal opinion about shops like this is this: if they lie about one thing, then how many other lies will follow? Now, the question is: if you make a mistake and are standing in their shop listening to their slick sales pitch, will you then leave, or go ahead and say "yes" and let them have your money? Sadly, most fail, as they may decide that they've already taken time off work, driven a long way to get there, are eager to get the job done right then, etc.

In our 30 years experience in using most of the popular brands, we honestly believe that only a small minority of brand names can actually live up to the standards of this "Best" category, listed last, above. Admittedly, there are other automotive films in this top category besides 3M, but I consider the 3M corporation to be more trustworthy than other automotive films manufacturers, and consequently their warranty is also the most trustworthy. For that reason, Pablo Blue offers 3M automotive films for use on vehicles- for the most part, exclusively. The 3M automotive manufacturer's warranty is applicable nationwide and remains in effect- even if the installing shop goes out of business, or if the customer moves to another state.

Ceramic Auto Window Tint

Window tint that contains ceramic can reduce commonly double the amount of heat as conventional films do. Ceramic material included inside of the film is the reason for this.
Ceramic car tint also can satisfy those who want a tint shade that is barely noticeable- albeit with more heat rejection than conventional lighter shades of films.
Ceramic film doesn't have near as much shiny appearance as metal films do.  There are also no concerns over possible demetallization- as is possible with metal films.  This results in a "smeared liquified rusty metal" look in the tint over time. Naturally, the cheaper the film, the sooner this can occur.
Call (281) 554-4063 now if you'd like a free estimate on our top quality auto window films- none of which contain metal and all of which come with lifetime manufacturer's warranties.